Who is Madia?


A fearless mystical force, she is the embodiment of the divine feminine energy which lives within us all.


She's the lover that ignites passion. Captivating with her beauty and elegance, she's courageous yet vulnerable. Provocative yet nurturing. She is a reflection of what women want to be and what men desire.


Madia is the ultimate form of unapologetic femininity


Our Wines

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Infused with Love

Madia is a family-owned company of winemakers focused on producing authentic small batch, artisan wines representing the rich diversity of the Puglia region in Southern Italy. Each striking bottle is infused with love from our team who shares a genuine passion for producing elegant wines with sophisticated intensity. 


Uncompromised quality, family-tradition and divine feminine energy is the force behind Madia, made for wine enthusiasts who appreciate all things extraordinary.

"Through wine, I've discovered that having passion for life leads you to your purpose."

Tina Ippolito

Tina Ippolito, Madia Proprietrix

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Our Grapes


There are many legends that surround the ancient and mystical Primitivo grape native to Puglia. Some believe that Primitivo was the wine served at the last supper and others say that it is called Primitivo because it is thought to be the first, or Primo, grape. For certain we know that it is called Primitivo as it's the first grape to ripen amongst the others. 

Bombino Nero       

Native to Puglia is the relatively rare Bombino Nero grape, meaning "small bomb" or "young child" in the Pugliese dialect. Rosato wines have always been an integral part of the Puglia winemaking culture. The striking color and extremely juicy pulp of the pure Bombino Nero makes it the perfect grape for exceptional rose' wines.


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